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Instant Comfort Q8 Ultra Plush Comfort


  • Phase-Change Quilted Pillow Top #1:  Micro-capsule technology wicks away heat from the body
  • Bamboo Quilted Pillow Top #2: Made from natural fibers and helps you sleep warmer
  • Fire Barrier:  A high-performance fire retardance with no halogens or fiberglass
  • Gel-Infused Viscoelastic Foam relieves pressure and keeps you cool
  • Reversible Foam Comfort Layer: Increased support and contouring
  • Zippered Side Panel: Keeps comfort layers in place
  • Shock-absorbing foam layer helps limit bounce
  • Lock-Tight™ Foam Edge Support: Wrapped rails help prevent bowing and bulging on the side and offer a stable edge when sitting or sleeping
  • Zippered Bottom Cover: Large-tooth nylon zippers are self-sealing, jam-resistant, durable, and easy to open and close.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to the Instant Comfort® app
  • 45 individual comfort settings
  • Total Height: 13 Inches

The Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8 is an amazing bed that is made with high-quality materials all carefully combined with state-of-the-art air adjustable technology and expert mattress construction.  Backed by over 40 years of mattress manufacturing craftsmanship, every component of the Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8 is precisely engineered right down to the last stitch on the foam-filled quilted top.

  • Duvet-Style Phase Change/Bamboo Pillow Top with Reversible Zippered Panel
  • Zippered Bottom Cover
  • Vulcanized Rubber Chambers covered with an Anti-Microbial Treated Cotton
  • Ventilated Gel-Infused Visco Elastic Foam (3.5/15)
  • Stretchable AirlayerTM Fabric Layer
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam Components*
  • Digital Control System with Wired Remotes
  • Reinforced Air Hoses
25 Year Limited Warranty