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The Everton Copper offers quality mattresses without the premium price tag. Everton Mattress has been providing expertly-crafted mattresses since 1939, and they’ve never taken shortcuts when it comes to quality.

Why Choose Everton

The Everton Copper mattresses are made in the USA and provide lasting durability and complete comfort. When you buy from our Everton Copper, you’re not just getting a premium mattress; you’re continuing the tradition of American craftsmanship.

Everton Grand Hybrid

The Grand Hybrid features elegant fabrics woven with temperature-regulating cooling yarns to provide a cool, comfortable sleep surface.  Engineered to improve airflow and release trapped heat, the breathable Gel Memory foam provides cooling pressure relief keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

Available in 

Available Feels:
Silver, Firm, & Plush


Made in Idaho with a 10 Year Limited Warranty

Everton Copper

Dream collection offers high end luxury for a fraction of the price compared to some of the top name brands. The Dream mattress is made with high grade gel-infused memory foam and fabric encased pocketed coils.

Available in 14″, 12″ & 10″

Available Feels:
Medium, Firm, & Plush


Made in Idaho with a 10 Year Limited Warranty

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